First blog post

jake and sarah

Hey there!

Jake and Sarah here reporting for duty! We’re just two humble folks that have been trying to have a more positive impact on the world one little step at a time.  We’re on a journey to find our happy balance in enjoying the human experience and being more socially and environmentally conscious consumers. We’ve been changing one behavior at a time and each day I like to think we get a little better. Conscious consuming can be a challenge but we actually find it to be a lot of fun, like a puzzle that just needs a bit of creativity to solve. What keeps us going is that we’ve found that often more conscious choices like zero-waste, organic, ethically sourced, etc. options are often better for the environment, for our health, and all around better for our wallets. We have really been embracing and enjoying the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle we wanted to share our experience to show how fun and rewarding it can be and hopefully to help inspire others to make more conscious choices too.