First blog post

jake and sarah

Hey there!

Jake and Sarah here reporting for duty! We’re just two humble folks that have been trying to have a more positive impact on the world one little step at a time.  We’re on a journey to find our happy balance in enjoying the human experience and being more socially and environmentally conscious consumers. We’ve been changing one behavior at a time and each day I like to think we get a little better. Conscious consuming can be a challenge but we actually find it to be a lot of fun, like a puzzle that just needs a bit of creativity to solve. What keeps us going is that we’ve found that often more conscious choices like zero-waste, organic, ethically sourced, etc. options are often better for the environment, for our health, and all around better for our wallets. We have really been embracing and enjoying the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle we wanted to share our experience to show how fun and rewarding it can be and hopefully to help inspire others to make more conscious choices too.


Trashy Treasure Tuesdays

trashy Tuesday banner

Garbage picking sounds gross. Instead we like to call it treasure hunting!

I was walking to the bus stop one day when I found this amazing closet organizer on wheels in the garbage – not broken, not dirty, just not needed by the owner anymore. I couldn’t leave such a cool find behind so I picked it up, carried it on two buses, walked it 15 minutes home and I have used it every day since!

Jake and I have noticed that so much of what people throw away doesn’t need to be. Whether its compostable produce, recyclable materials, or an old armoire that has a broken handle. Often the bigger furniture items just need a little TLC to come back to life. Some trash needs a good washing, some needs a new coat of paint or a little fixing up but beauty and purpose can be re-found in so many of these curbside items.

We used to see piles of trash on the road and now we see heaps of potential. Our eyes scan the piles for a new project and this change in perception has led us to be more creative, to spend more time together on projects, to save more money, and to divert more waste!

Our house is filled with all sorts of gems that we like to call ‘rescue furniture’. Each piece has a story and reminds me of a good time I spent with Jake. Going forward I would like to hereby declare Tuesdays and Trashy Treasure Tuesdays, a day dedicated to trash that we turned into treasure!

Tips for a successful garbage pick:

  1. Find out when your garbage day is and plan for walks the evening before.
  2. Scan Pinterest for ideas that might inspire your treasure hunting.
  3. Don’t pick up anything that you can’t thoroughly wash (mattresses, couches, etc.)
  4. If its wood, check for insects and when possible, bake the item in the over to make sure you don’t bring any critters into your house (I know this sounds mean but in the past where we weren’t as cautious and definitely brought in some bugs).


Our Ready To Go Smoothies

We’ve all got about a million and one things to think about in a day so I’ve made my morning routine easy with ready to go smoothies! I’ve got all of my smoothie stuff prepped and ready so I just pop it in the blender and voila breakfast on the go!

We buy more fruit than we can finish but it’s never wasteful because as soon as they start to look a little sad, we cut them up and pop them in the freezer. It saves food waste and is plastic-free since we never need to buy the pre-packaged frozen fruits. We also freeze yogurt in ice cube trays and store those in the freezer too so that everything we need for our delicious morning  drink is right there ready to blend!

Here is our smoothie prep process

Rinse fruit_420x840